English Literature Book (William J. Long)


It provides a historical and social overview of each period, analyzes the development and influence of the various literary epochs, and offers biographical sketches of each important writer, highlighting their life, work, successes and failures, and influence on their age and vice versa. It also includes critical analyses of each author’s major works, including many that are frequently assigned in college-entrance examinations, and discusses the overall body of work and critical evaluation of each great writer’s place and influence in English

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This comprehensive history of English literature from Anglo-Saxon times to the close of the Victorian era instills in students a desire to read the best books and know literature itself, rather than literary criticism. It examines literature from both a personal and historical perspective, showing how great books reflect not only the author’s life and thought, but also the spirit of their age. Through a study of each successive period, the book traces the evolution of English literature from its early roots in oral storytelling to its present sophistication in prose and poetry.